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Ça commence - 坂元風楽


Ça commence

『Ça commence』は、音響通信ソリューション「Another Track(R)」を用いて制作された新感覚の芸術作品である。音でデバイスを制御することが可能な「Another Track(R)」を取り入れたことで、これまで現実的ではなかったコンサート会場などのネット通信が安定しない環境での、生演奏と複数デバイスの完全同期を実現している。 *「Another Track(R)」はエヴィクサー株式会社の登録商標です。 本作品は、専用アプリケーション『Ça commence』を使用しながら視聴して頂くことで、より一層お楽しみ頂けます。専用アプリケーション『Ça commence』は下記URLで開いたページからダウンロードが可能です。 Website:


作曲家、プログラマー、メディアアート作家。1997年2月生まれ、京都府舞鶴市出身。2019年に国立音楽大学 演奏・創作学科 コンピュータ音楽専修を卒業。これまでにプログラミングを松田周氏、和声を桃井千津子氏、作曲を渡辺俊哉・古川聖・莱孝之の各氏に師事。音楽に限らず幅広い表現領域を持ち、それらを組み合わせることで全く新しい芸術表現の模索を行う。


Performer: 藤田颯


Ça commence

“Ça commence” is a new art work created using the acoustic communication solution “Another Track(R)”. With the introduction of “Another Track(R)”, which can control devices with sounds, the perfect synchronization between live performance and multiple devices is realized. It was previously not realistic for example in concert hall where the Internet connection is not stable. *“Another Track(R)” is a registered trademark of Evixar Inc. You can enjoy this work even more by watching it using the dedicated application “Ça commence”. The dedicated application “Ça commence” you can download from the following URL. Website: ​​

Fuga Sakamoto

Composer, programmer and media art writer. Born February 1997 in Maizuru, Kyoto. In 2019, he graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, faculty of performance and creation, department of computer music. He has studied programming with Shu Matsuda, harmony
with Chizu Momoi, and composition with Toshiya Watanabe, Kiyoshi Hurukawa and Takayuki Rai. Sakamoto has a wide range of expression, not limited only to music, and trying to find a completely new artistic expression by combining them.

Website: ​​

Performer: Hayate Fujita

Born in Nyuzen Town, Toyama. Graduated from Toyama Prefectural Kureha High School. TH​
Currently he is studying at Kunitachi College of Music 4​th grade. Fujita joined the brass band club when he was a junior high school student. There he first met percussion instruments.He performed at the 100th​ solo chamber music regular concert organized by Kunitachi Collage of Music. Studying percussion instruments and marimba with Tagako Ōtani and Shoko Araya, Timpani with Hutoshi Shimizu.