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cubialogue for snare drum, tenor saxophone and computer - 上野壽久


cubialogue for snare drum, tenor saxophone and computer

本作品はテナーサックス、スネアドラムとコンピュータのためのライブエレクトロニクス作品である。 楽器パートではテナーサックスとスネアの音楽的、音響的「対話」が展開する。 コンピュータパートではMax8を用いた音声信号処理が行われ、楽器パートを追従、拡張あるいは補間することでその役割を果たす。 双方のパートが互いに作用することで作品は構成され、「キュビスム的視点に音楽を観ること」が表現される。


2018年3月国立音楽大学演奏創作学科コンピュータ音楽専修卒業。 現在国立音楽大学院音楽研究学科作曲専攻コンピュータ音楽コース在籍。 学部時代からライブエレクトロニクスの作品の創作に取り組む。

Tenor saxophone : 内田しおり

徳島県出身。2歳からピアノ、12歳からサクソフォンを始める。国立音楽大学弦管打楽器専修演奏学科室内楽コース卒業。 在学中、学内オーディション合格者によるソロ・室内楽演奏会へ3年連続出演。19歳で自身初のソロリサイタル開催。2013年アメリカで行われたFrederick L.Hemke Saxophone Institute へ参加。F.ヘムケ、Tマカリスターのマスタークラス受講。 これまでに、サクソフォンを雲井雅人、荒木浩一、糀寿麗、室内楽を下地啓二、雲井雅人、滝上典彦各氏に師事。 サックスとアコーディオンのグループ『Sora Duo』として2016年第14回夢ホールコンサートにて最高位であるオーディエンス賞を受賞。受賞者によるロレアコンサートへ出演。 2016年3月東京にて初の単独コンサートを開催、各国の大使館やイベント、大学でのアウトリーチ等、積極的に活動中。 2018年8月マケドニアで行われたオフリドサマーフェスティバルへ出演。 現在、クラシック、現代音楽、ライブエレクトロニクス、和楽器やダンスとの共演等ジャンルや形態を問わず幅広く演奏活動を展開する他、後進への指導にも積極的に取り組んでいる。OKADA音楽教室講師。

Snare drum : 小山大凱

国立音楽大学卒業、付属高校在学中に学内オーディションに合格し第10回招待演奏会に出演。また、ソリストとして同校オーケストラと共演。 2016年2月、ダンサー伊藤キム氏振付、『砂の上にポツリ。』の音楽、演奏を担当。10月から即興打楽器集団La Señasに参加。また国立音楽大学Newtide Jazz Orchestraに参加し2018年度Band Masterを務め、同バンド初のツアーを成功させた。卒業後は都内を中心にジャンルを問わず活動を行なっている。

cubialogue for snare drum, tenor saxophone and computer

This is live-electronics-work for tenor saxophone, snare drum and computer. In the instruments part, a musical and acoustic “dialog” of tenor saxophone and snare drum will be developed. The computer part handles audio signal processing using Max8, and plays its role by following, expanding, or interpolating the instruments parts. This work is composed by the interaction between both parts, thereby I will express “watching the music from the perspective of cubism”

Toshihisa Ueno

On March 2018 he completed his bachelor’s degree at Kunitachi College of Music, faculty of performance and creation, department of computer music. Ueno is doing a master’s program at Kunitachi Collage of Music, faculty of composition, department of computer music at present. From his bachelor’s student days, he has been worked on pieces with live-electronics.

Tenor saxophone: Shiori Uchida

Born in Tokushima. When she was 2 years, she started playing the piano, and from 12 years she has been playing the saxophone. She graduated from Kunitachi College of Music faculty of performance, department of chamber music. At the college, she was chosen by audition for the solo and chamber music concert once a year, three times in a row. When she was 19 years, she held her first solo recital. In 2013 she took the part in Frederick L. Hemke Saxophone Institute in USA and took master class by F. Hemke and T. Macalister. She studied Saxophone under Masato Kumoi, Kōich Araki, Jurei Kōhji, chamber music under Keiji Shimoji, Masato Kumoi, Norihiko Takiue. Uchida took part in ”Sora Duo (saxophone and accordion)”. In 2016 they received audience prize as the highest ranking in 14st Yume-Hall Concert and performed at Lauréats Concert as a prizewinner. On March 2016 she had the first solo concert in Tokyo. She is active in performing at various embassies, events, outreaching at University. In 2018 she took part in Ohrid Summer Festival in Macedonia. Recently, Uchida develops her activities without regard for genre, playing classical, contemporary, electronics music, collaborating with traditional Japanese instruments and dance. She is also actively involved in teaching younger players. She is teaching at OKADA music studio.

Snare drum: Taiga Koyama

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. While he was in attached high school, he 10th​ passed the audition within the school and performed at 10​ Invited Concert. He also performed with the school orchestra as a soloist. On February 2016, he charged of music and performance of “砂の上にポツリ。” choreographed by dancer Kimu Itoh. He has been taking part in the improvised percussion group “La Swñas” from October. In addition, he participated in Kunitachi College of Music Newtide Jazz Orchestra and served as a Band Master in 2018, making the band’s first tour a success. After graduation, he has been active centering around Tokyo regardless of genre.