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MOWB - 油原和紀









This work is a hand-drawn VR animation. The audience are able to experience this work through the head-mount display. The animation’s abstract field of view invites the audience into an immersive feeling not yet experienced before. I have created this insular environment of the VR world as a mother’s interior of a womb, and have created a story of the recursion back to the womb. When the title “MOWB” appears on the water, it reflects on the horizontal axis as a mirror, which symbolizes the “mirrored replication of a mother and daughter”.

With just one umbilical cord attached between a mother and a daughter, they exchange life itself, as the mother is absorbed and the daughter growing, with the baton of the mother’s
life. After receiving the baton of life, the daughter becomes one with the mother, and she herself solidifies her decision of becoming a mother. Through the umbilical cord, she was born thousands of times, and lost her mother thousands of times, and continues to create new life.

Kazuki Yuhara

Born in 1996 and studies in Tokyo University of the Arts, majoring in animation. He animation work “MOWB” has received an honorable mention at SSFF&ASIA2019, as well as received the top prize in the JPPA 2019 Student’s Category.