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notation by sound - 溝下晴久


notation by sound







notation by sound

In the field of musical performance, many objects or a person exists with a role, such as a “composer”, “musical score”, “conductor”, “performer”, “instrument”, and so on. However, today, these roles are no longer a solid thing, and in times, comes in many shapes and forms in terms of its roles. In this work, I have explored the realms of these roles – the electric instrument performer performs the instrument as a “conductor” and a “composer”, and the guitarist interprets the sound output from the electric instrument as a “musical score” and performs his guitar.

Hulc Mizoshita

Born in Hiroshima in 1995, and graduated from Nihon University College of Art, majoring in music. Currently, he works as an interaction engineer for advertisements, and also creates instruments and acoustic software, as well as composes music.


Guitar: Hayato Kondo

Born in Chiba in 1995, and graduated from Nihon University College of Art. While a student in college, he has exhibited musical works lacking the aural sensory. Currently, he mainly works as a composer.