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reflection - 鈴木創大





1999 神奈川県生まれ2019 多摩美術大学 絵画学科 油画専攻 2年在籍。絵画、インスタレーション、映像、パフォーマンスなど幅広いメディアを使い制作をしている。現象やその場性をテーマとし、プロジェクターの光など定着感の浅いメディウムを好む。また3dcgや実写を使ったプリレンダ系のVJ(ヴィジュアルジョッキー)としても活動をしている。


There is a relationship that cannot be separated between an action and a scenery. To control the space using the visuality of a video as a pillar… To have an attachment of sound layers, structuring sceneries on the spot… Having those two phenomena erode each other in its’ relationship…

Sota Suzuki

Suzuki was born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1999. Currently, he is studying Oil Painting at Tama Art University, and creates works in a wide range of mediums, including installation, video, and performance. With phenomenon oriented, site-specific themes, he prefers what he describes as objects of thin stability, such as the projector’s light. He also works as a pre-rendering style VJ, using 3DCG and real-life objects.