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断ち切られた声 - 鈴木智大



身近な人に、大きな社会に、そして自分自身に ー 何かに抗うという経験は誰にでもあるだろうが、抗いきれなかった思いは折り合いもつけられずに胸の内に秘められもする。もしかしたら、それらの思いが溢れてしまった時に心は病んでしまうのかもしれない。また、持て余した心を安らげるために絵で、音楽で、言葉で表現し、いつかは抵抗の対象にもなり得た他者に伝えることで心を安らげてきたのかもしれない。本作は言葉で表され声として伝えられるそれらの心を、声そのものによるコミュニケーション以上に鮮明に伝えようとする試みである。


日本大学大学院芸術学研究科に在籍。Tokyo Media Interaction所属。心理学を学んだのち、音楽へ転向。主にコンピュータを用いた音響合成を学ぶ。音を使った「新しくてエモい」表現を模索中。これまでにinvisible designs lab.《予言》(2018)、後藤英《gravityZERO》(2019)、東京藝術大学COI若手連携『Limitless』(2019)などのほか、CM音楽の制作スタッフとして携わる。



The separated voice

Everybody must have experienced resisting a familiar person, a huge society, and myself. However, the thoughts which could not be completed resisting are kept to oneself. When those thoughts overflow, one’s heart might get sick. In order to ease one’s mind, people have been expressing the thoughts to others who can be an object of resisting with visual art, music and words. Through this work I will attempt to express those hearts which is normally expressed by words and voice with another way, and it will be more clearly than by voice communication.

Chihiro Suzuki

Currently he is studying at Nihon University, Graduate School of Arts. He belongs to Tokyo Media Interaction. After studying psychology, he switched to music. Suzuki mainly studies acoustic synthesis using computers. He is trying to find “new and emotional” expressions using sounds. Until now, he has worked as a production staff for “予言” (2018) by invisible designs lab., “gravityZERO” (2019) by Suguru Gotoh, “Limitless” (2019) by Tokyo University of Arts COI young collaboration and also for commercial music.

Voice: Kana Yamamoto

Born in 2000. She is now studying at Nihon University of Art, Information Music Course. She works on music and poetry thinking about VOCALOID and humans.