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常的 - 中澤小百合





1997年生まれ。東京都出身。現在、国立音楽大学演奏・創作学科コンピュータ音楽専修学部4年、コンピュータ音楽コース・作曲理論コースに在籍。これまで、Leap Motionなどセンサーを用いた音と映像の作品を手がけている。


This work is a 2ch tape work created around the sound of field recording in a place near my home. For field recording I picked up memorable places such as parks and rivers that I played when I was child. Combined sounds that coexist with daily life and sounds made by processing them. I tried to express my own growth process in a space of sound that oscillates every minute.

Sayuri Nakazawa

Born in 1997 in Tokyo. Currently She is in the 4th​ grade at Kunitachi College of Music, faculty of performance and creation, department of computer music. She has been worked on sound and video works using sensor such as Leap Motion.